Michele Leonard Denver, Colorado

In 1997, Michele Leonard launched “Heritage Women”; out of her desire to show women their true value and worth in God’s eyes and their potential to uniquely influence the world around them.

"I always cheer for the underdog. It makes my heart sing when I see the unlikely person win. Besides, it shuts up their critics. Everyone has potential; you need to be teamed up with the right people to birth that potential.  It's there, don't be afraid to embrace it and don't allow someone else to dictate it.  Dr. John Maxwell once told me, 'throw your heart over the bar, and everything else will follow'...and I believe that.  My greatest life lesson is that I've never stopped being a student of life; the moment you cease being the student is the moment you cease your potential.  My life goal is to exhaust my potential"   Michele Leonard

Michele Leonard is a national conference speaker, appearing before large crowds with her unique insight and approach to every day life.  Her heart is for men and women looking to live the life God intended for them without the baggage, struggle and opinions of others getting in their way.  She knows how to reach people with the truth, with her open, yet realistic, sense of humor.

Her sincerity and self-sacrificing compassion for others is also exhibited through the 25+ Community Outreaches she's helped birth.  Michele Leonard sees potential in every young person and believes tapping into their creative gifts at an early age will open doors and influence their future.

Michele Leonard has been described by her peers as “real people…what you see is what you get.”  She enjoys sharing her 25 plus years of experience and business acumen with other leaders.
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