Today's Scripture Matthew 7:1

Judge not, that ye be not judged

Walking in love gives God the opportunity to move in our lives. After all, how much fun is life if we can’t get along with others? Former President Teddy Roosevelt believed that this was the secret to happiness. Make no mistake; if you’re hard to get along with, you won’t have a very happy life.

That’s why Paul told us to pursue peace. In pursuing peace we find joy and contentment. Pursuing peace is also how we honor God. When we pursue strife and division, we are honoring the prince of chaos and deception, as well as dishonoring God. Strife is of the flesh, while love is of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. The reason you keep gossiping about somebody at work is because you’re letting your flesh rule you. The reason you keep talking about the things that somebody did to you is because you still haven’t let it go—you have not let love rule in your heart.

Pride causes us to talk about others behind their back. Jesus said, “Judge not, that you be not judged”. Someone may even have asked you to forgive him or her, but you won’t let it go because your pride won’t let it go. It’s  pride that’s keeping your marriage from being healed. It’s unforgiveness that’s stopping the flow of love in your life. It’s stopping your miracle. It’s stopping your breakthrough, and you’ll never be happy until you just let it go.