DAILY DEVOTIONAL | April 16, 2024

For those of us whose citizenship is in heaven, we have a conquering King! He marched out to battle against Satan at Calvary. He disarmed every principality and power, stripped away their ability to steal, kill, and destroy; He publicly exposed them as powerless. Like those long-ago citizens of Rome, let us lift up our voices to wildly celebrate our conquering Lord of lords and King of kings!

DAILY DEVOTIONAL | April 15, 2024

Before we come to the Cross, the ground of our soul is in question. Our eternal destiny is uncertain. Satan fights ferociously to capture and carry us to hell. Jesus was lifted up on the Cross, hoisted above the battle. His death means certain victory for all who accept His invitation for life everlasting.

DAILY DEVOTIONAL | April 14, 2024

Graphic portrayals of Jesus’ journey to Calvary abound. He was arrested, taken, and crucified. However, Jesus made it clear in John 10:18 that no one took His life from Him. He chose to lay it down!

DAILY DEVOTIONAL | April 13, 2024

His blood reached us in our faraway, desperate state and pulled us near. Without the Cross, no grace or mercy is extended, no salvation is available. Without the Cross, we cannot be called sons and daughters of the Most High. Without the Cross, we have no reason to rejoice.

DAILY DEVOTIONAL | April 12, 2024

Not only does God collect our tears in His bottle, He also records them in His book. Think about the tears that you have cried: when failure disappointed, death shattered your heart, loss uprooted your life, your child deserted his faith, malicious words wounded.

DAILY DEVOTIONAL | April 11, 2024

As believers, we are enrolled in a continuing education program. We become lifelong learners as God opens His Word and speaks His truth.

DAILY DEVOTIONAL | April 10, 2024

In Luke 22:44, Jesus prayed in Gethsemane, and His sweat poured out like huge drops of blood. Why? He believed in us, and He was working for us. Jesus bore the burden of our humanity, and in that moment, He struggled mightily.

DAILY DEVOTIONAL | April 9, 2024

Christ is in us! The One Who walked out of the grave with the keys of victory in His hand lives in us. The One Who quiets the wind and waves with a simple command lives in us. Along with John, we can say, “…He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world!” (1 John 4:4).