Today's Scripture - Isaiah 8:13

The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, he is the one you are to fear he is the one you are to dread.

Dread is a powerful, gripping fear. People dread many things, and most of them don’t even realize what dread does to them. It sucks the joy right out of the present moment. But Jesus set you free from the power of dread. The life God has provided for us through Jesus Christ is a precious gift, and we should enjoy every moment of it.

Pray and ask God to show you every time you begin to dread any task or something lurking in your future that you’re not quite sure of. Merely eliminating dread from your life will release more of your God-given confidence and help you experience more joy.

How often do you find yourself putting things off that you dread doing? Maybe it’s that uncomfortable conversation you know you need to have, or those bills that need to be paid, or worse, maybe it’s your annual taxes!

Train yourself not to dread anything but to actually tackle it first. The sooner in the day you do the things you don’t prefer doing, the more energy you have to do them. If you wait until the end of the day when most of your energy is gone and then try to do something you really don’t like doing, it will be worse than doing it earlier. Dread causes us to procrastinate, but if you’re ever going to do something, now is the best time!

Putting something off does not make it go away; it only allows more time to torment you. You can dread or you can confidently take action. As Christians with the power of the Holy Spirit inside us, surely, we can manage to do an unpleasant task without dreading it and with a good attitude.

God’s power is not available just to make unpleasant things in our lives go away; it is frequently available to walk us through them courageously.

Prayer of the Day: Father God, there are times that dread takes hold and keeps me from do the things I know I should do. Help me to do whatever I need to do today and get it over with. In the name of Jesus, I will do all things with joy and strength, trusting You more than my fear, amen.