Our Mission

The mission of the Women’s Ministry here at Heritage Christian Center is to provide love, encouragement and hope through biblical teaching, and practical support that helps the everyday Christian woman to live in and walk in her purpose, destiny, experience, Wholeness, Wellness and Worthiness. Our 4 core values, represented by the acronym RISE, are the pillars and key attributes which we will base our teachings around and are essential to every woman here.  Rise stands for Resilience, Integrity, Strength and Elevation.

Women’s Ministry is so important for the holistic health of the church body, specifically Heritage Christian Center, and your support and participation is vital! Ultimately, our goal for women’s ministry is to experience growth and balance in every area of life. We will have a balanced approach addressing the woman as a whole — spiritual, emotional, and physical.

 Women R.I.S.E. Goals:

  1. Grow all women in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through biblically sound teaching, prayer, Bible studies and accountability.
  1. Help new members find their niche. Participating in a ministry exposes new women to more facets of the church and ministry.
  1. Establish meaningful relationships. Our thriving women’s ministry opens the door for relationships between women from different backgrounds, ages and life stages.
  1. Discover, develop, and use your spiritual gifts to serve the Lord.
  1. Coordinate and organize in-reach and outreach to women.
  1. Have woman-to-woman understanding. Women need women who can share emotions and experiences and help add perspective to the struggles that only another woman can understand.

We seek to accomplish each of these goals through special women’s ministry events every few months, outreach and in-reach opportunities, women’s bible studies and women’s support groups.

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