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Welcome to Kids Town at Heritage

Kids "Touching Our World Now"

At KIDS Town we believe that every child is designed by God to be a leader, to be someone who makes a difference in the world by having an influence over the lives of others. Our goal each and every weekend is to help you ensure that your child develops into that leader.

A Note from our Pastor...

Dear Parent,
One of the greatest opportunities we have in life is to raise our children to become godly leaders who are spiritually mature and morally responsible. However, in the fast paced, “morally neutral” world of today, this is becoming more and more challenging.

Our goal at KIDS Town is to offer spiritual assistance by partnering with you and providing a place where your child will learn about the love of Christ and the importance of developing a lifelong relationship of obedience with him. We are also committed to giving you “at-home tools” that will make it easy for you to implement God’s morals and values into your child’s life at home during the week.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with your child; we view it as an honor and a privilege.

God's best to you,


Birth - 18 Months

In the KIDS Town Nursery, children begin their journey toward lifelong learning and leadership in a clean, safe, and nurturing environment. Young children are constantly moving, touching, and investigating. So in this age group, KIDS TOWN Nursery Kids uses developmental toys, age appropriate Bible Lessons, music, and influential adult volunteers to facilitate learning through experiences, imitation, and repetition.

19 Months - 4 Years

As children move from the nursery to preschool, we implement the curriculum, Elevate Jr., to help kids learn while having fun! Elevate Jr. uses animated videos, interactive activities, games, crafts, skits, and songs to help the children learn the Bible Lessons and apply these leadership lessons to their lives.


KIDS Town utilizes many different teaching methods including live action videos and performances, object lessons, small group lessons, music, dance, and more! All of this is done with our curriculum that changes its theme every 8 weeks. KIDS TOWN is an age-appropriate environment to teach children the principles and values that will help them become the leaders God has designed them to be.

Every weekend in KIDS Town, your child will earn coupons by demonstrating Biblical leadership traits such as, attending the experience in KIDS Town, inviting their friends to church, bringing their Bibles, and more. As your child earns these coupons, they will be able to trade them in for Leadership Prizes.

First Time to Kids Town? Welcome!

We want you to know that you are truly a VIP! As you walk up to our KIDS Town check-in located in the Grand Foyer Children’s Area, a KIDS Town Ambassador will help get your children checked in and to the right location, so you can enjoy a great worship experience knowing your child is having fun and learning about God!

Volunteer & Be a Special Part of Kids Town

In KIDS Town, we love volunteers! There are many opportunities for you to serve including being a room ambassador, greeting families, teaching, co-teaching, being a part of one of our craft & event teams, and more.  For more information on how you can be a part of Kids Town at Heritage, Fill Out and Submit the form below.

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