FOLLOWING JESUS  |  A study of the Book of John with Pastor Marlon Saunders

Sermon Notes

Wednesday January 22, 2020

The Titles of Jesus

  1. He’s The Word
  2. He’s the Light
  3. He’s the Lamb of God
  4. He’s the Messiah
  5. King of Israel
  6. Son of Man

I. Opportunity (John 1:15—6:71)

He presents Himself to …

A. His disciples (John 1:19—2:12)

B. The Jews (John 2:13—3:36)

C. The Samaritans (John 4:1–54)

D. The Jewish leaders (John 5:1–47)

E. The multitudes (John 6:1–71)


II. Opposition (John 7—12)

There is conflict with the Jewish leaders over …

A. Moses (John 7:1—8:11)

B. Abraham (John 8:12–59)

C. Who Messiah is (John 9:1—10:42)

D. His miraculous power (John 11:1—12:36)

E. They would not believe in Him (John 12:37–50)


III. Outcome (John 13—21)

A. The faith of the disciples (John 13—17)

B. The unbelief of the Jews (John 18—19)

C. The victory of Christ (John 20—21)