A Women's Bible Study taught by Michele Leonard

An "8-Week" Study discovering the Book of Esther, her life and what she means to women of today.
  • Time:  Mondays at 7PM
  • Dates: Monday, September 11th - Monday October 23rd
  • Location: The Chapel at Heritage Christian Center
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Esther:  Her Hebrew name was Hadassah, meaning “a myrtle tree”; like Daniel and his companions, she was given a Babylonian name, Esther, meaning “star.”  She was indeed a star of guidance for her people to follow.  We can learn lessons from her life such as keeping one’s word, loving and clinging to our spiritual heritage despite it being despised, and serving God to the best of our ability, realizing God has put us in our particular world for such a time as this. There is something we need to remember too about the beauty of this young woman: 

Her dark, exotic features marked her out, and she was thus chosen as a candidate for the king’s favor, who, when he saw her for the first time must have been captivated by her physical charms.  But through her beauty there shone a radiance of personality and character which enhanced her beauty and gave it distinction in the eyes of Ahasuerus.