Passionate . Purposeful . Powerful . Committed

Four words that describe Pastor Antonio Matthews. Preaching since the age of 5, it was evident that ministry would be his life’s journey and his life’s passion.

 “Pastor Matthews is passionate about the people he serves, his preaching, and his purpose. The past two years, I have interviewed numerous people for our Executive Pastor position at Heritage, but Pastor Antonio stood out above all of the others. And not because of his size, I mean, he’s built like an NFL linebacker, but because he’s anointed for the task of leading God’s people into their higher dimension of purpose”, says Bishop Dennis Leonard.

Pastor Matthews has ministered extensively across the globe in over 22 countries and has performed other ministerial duties throughout every major city in the United States. Pastor Matthews has been afforded the opportunity to be featured in several Christian Magazines and on several television platforms including Impact Network and The Word Network.

Pastor Matthews credits much of his innovative ideas, his ‘out of the box’ approach to ministry, and his passion for outreach to his exposure to global ministry. He often says, "Exposure expands your mind and gives it the elasticity it needs to engage in unparalleled thought.”

 "Why Denver?"

"When I was a boy, my mother would watch this white preacher on the Word network. I mean, she wouldn’t miss his program for anything. She made all of us sit down, be quiet and watch together. She’d “shush” us if we made a sound. I was a student; I studied Pastor Dennis Leonard, I watched, I was mesmerized by how he could take these crazy illustrations and put the word to it and make it just for me. He always had a word for us, and he affected my life. I said to my Mom, ‘I’m going to meet this guy, Dennis Leonard, some day’.”

“One day, I received a call from Dr. Jamal Bryant, a close friend and mentor of mine. He said, ‘Antonio, I’ve got this pastor in Denver, that you need to meet, his name is Bishop Dennis Leonard’, I couldn’t believe it. That day, without reservation or hesitation, I booked a plane ticket from Washington to Denver, because I knew I had to sit in front of this man of God that I had been a student of for years.”

“I pulled into the parking lot of Heritage’s new campus. I stopped, staring at the building, thinking, ‘most pastors can barely do this once, especially in today’s state of the world, but this guy keeps going and going and going, like the ever-ready bunny? Then when I sat through the worship experience, it felt like home. When I got back to D.C., I told my Mom and my daughter, ‘I’m moving to Denver to be with Bishop Leonard’. I was speaking by faith, because Bishop Leonard and I hadn’t come to that conclusion together, but I heard what God was telling me and I started making plans to relocate because I had to be obedient.”

Pastor Matthews now serves as the Executive Pastor of Heritage Christian Center in Aurora, Colorado.  Serving has always been his honor, loyalty his trademark; however, gratitude is his life’s essence because in the words of Pastor Matthews, “If you are grateful for everything…you will complain about NO-thing.”